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How to make peanut butter

Learn how to make peanut butter.
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Once you’ve mastered the recipe, there are many things you can make with peanut butter to sell. Like peanut butter ice cream, cookies or even peanut butter candy (also known as peanut brittle)!


Materials needed:

1 kilo roasted peanuts, shelled, P43

1 ½ cup sugar


1 ½ tbsp salt

1 cup cooking oil

Food blender

(All available at your nearest supermarket.)


Getting started:

1. Remove the red skin from the peanuts.

2. If you want chunky peanut butter, put the peanuts in a food processor or grinder and run the chopped mixture through three or more times until it is the consistency that you like. For creamy style peanut butter, chop up the peanuts in a blender.

3. Add about one to two tablespoons of cooking oil in small amounts and regrind or blend the mixture until the peanut butter is the familiar paste consistency.




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