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How to make photographic mugs and sports bottles

Tap corporate ad budgets with custom-made promotional items.
By Mishell Malabaguio |
How to make photographic mugs and sports bottles

Because promotional items are of great help to companies whose budgets are not that big, and because they are effective at increasing brand recall, the demand for promotional items remains high. Aside from the corporate giveaway market, you can offer these as souvenirs for weddings, baptisms and other personal celebrations.  

There are many new materials which you can use aside from mugs and sports bottles. However, for this project, you will learn the basics of doing this craft using the above mentioned materials. When you have the basics down pat, you can experiment with other types of materials and designs.


  • Coated ceramic mug, P30 per pc
  • Coated sports bottle, P80 per pc
  • Dye sublimation transfer paper, P500 per 100 sheets
  • Thermal pad extension, P500 per pad
  • Heat resistant tape, P500 per 30m roll
  • Dye sublimation ink, P900 per 100ml bottle
  • Mug heat press machine



photographic_mug_materials.jpg*There are suppliers offering starter packages containing all these materials. Graficad Creation, for instance, offers a mug heat press package for around P30,000 inclusive of VAT. The package contains a complete setup, including mugs and a desktop printer.

Each sheet of the transfer paper can be used for 3 photographic mugs or sports bottles. For every 100ml bottle of dye sublimation ink, you can produce 450 mugs or sports bottles.






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