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How to make pork mushroom burgers

Learn how to make burgers without the cholesterol
By Entrepreneur Staff |

Mushroom burger is a healthy alternative for people who love burgers. Aside from having a distinct and delightful taste, mushroom burgers are perfect for today’s health-conscious consumers.

Lourdes Rivera, meat processing guru and lecturer at the Ultima Entrepinoy Forum Center in Quezon City, said that mushrooms are capable of lowering cholesterol levels and are good sources of minerals.

Furthermore, mushroom burgers are easy to produce, making it a practical choice for a business venture.

This workbook shows you the procedure on making mushroom burgers by incorporating mushroom into pork meat.

Metal bowls
Measuring spoons
Measuring cup
Weighing scale
Burger molders
Potato masher

Ingredients for meat patty
500 grams pork, lean and finely ground
500 grams mushroom, ground

Ingredients for the curing mix
15 grams salt, refined
5 grams phosphate
60 grams water

18 grams TVP
10 grams Qualicel
50 grams Versagel

15 grams sugar, refined
5 grams black pepper, ground
24 grams garlic, chopped
1 grams meat enhancer
109 grams onion, chopped finely
0.75 grams celery powder
5 grams hamburger seasoning
15 grams milk or whey powder
1 piece egg, fresh medium
56 grams bread crumbs
26 grams cornstarch
1.5 cc beef aroma
1.5 grams meaty ginisa
3 grams BF blend

Paperlyne plastic (63 pieces)
Styropor (12 pieces)



Follow the procedures here. 

Original text by Millet Enriquez

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