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How to make pork tocino

Process raw meat into sweet pork and sell it for profit
By Entrepreneur Staff |

Tocino, or sweet pork, is an all-time Filipino favorite especially when paired with fried rice and egg (collectively known as “tocilog”). It is also a profitable business venture that you can start in the comfort of your home.


meat (best to use loin part of the pig)
curing salt
vitamin C
meat tenderizer
garlic powder
food coloring
filler blend
spices like pepper, onions, paprika as well as anisado wine, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate and hydrolyzed vegetable protein (optional)
artificial coloring (optional)
extenders like textured vegetable protein, isolate, carageenan and qualicel (optional)
polyethylene bags (for packaging)


measuring spoons, cups and weighing scales
mixing bowls

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