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How to make stuffed angel decor

Stuffed baby angel decor is a product that\\\'s in-demand during Christmas and other festive occasions, and you can easily start your own business making these.
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1. To start with, prepare the patterns for the stuffed baby angel. You can get them from Bears Magazine and Dolls and Bears Magazine. To copy or make your own patterns, you need a cardboard or folder, a pen or any marker, and a pair of scissors. Make sure that you put legends and marks on your patterns to guide you as to where to attach particular parts and which part to attach there. You could label “Cut 2” patterns that need to be traced twice, such as the baby angel’s nape, side bodies, legs, thighs, arms, and feet. The ears, which will have two sides each, should be labeled “Cut 4.” Each pattern already has a 1/4-inch allowance for stitching.


2. After making your patterns, start tracing them on the cloths. Get the hi-file moda cloth and then trace the back head and forehead patterns on its reverse side. Before tracing your patterns, however, make sure that the direction of the fur is aligned with your pattern. For instance, to ensure that the hair of your stuffed baby angel is oriented properly, the fur should be oriented towards the curved line or the lower part of the back head.

Trace the other patterns. In the case of the wings, they should be traced on the satin cloth. The other parts should be traced on the velboa cloth.

angel0009.jpg3. Once you have traced everything on the cloths, cut the patterns with the pair of scissors or with a cutter. You should come up with the following cloth pieces after this process: face, back head, forehead, nape (two pieces), ears (four cuts), front body, side bodies (two sides), arms (two sides), legs (two sides), bottom, thighs (two sides), feet (two sides), and wings.


When all the pieces are ready, sew them together by hand using white or cream-colored thread. Barangan advises that you start with the appendices— the ears, arms, and wings—before going to the main body parts. This way, you will have an easier time attaching them to the other pieces. To do the arms, sew the “V” shape cut first using backstitch, then fold it at the center. After folding it, sew the knuckle or the lower part while leaving the upper part open. Using a stick, turn the cloth inside out. Then set it aside.


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