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How to make stuffed toys

Learn how to make stuffed toys for all ages
By Entrepreneur Staff |
How to make stuffed toys


Cardboards or recycled folders for pattern making

1/6 yard of long fur plush cloth preferably in shades of brown or beige

1/10 kilo of silicon fiber fill for stuffing

A pair of #16 plastic eyes with lock

A piece of #16 plastic nose with lock


 One lot of cotton threadstuffed_toys.png

A yard of half-inch wide ribbon

Pencil or permanent marker for tracing patterns



2.5-inch long needles



Items are available at crafts stores




1. Use the cardboards or recycled folders to make a pattern for the stuffed toy. You may get ideas from the Internet or from books or magazines then incorporate your own designs. Trace the pattern using a pencil or permanent marker, and make sure you label the pieces before cutting them. The pattern should also indicate whether or not it will be traced twice on the cloth to form a pair (such as ears, face,body, etc.), using labels such as “cut 1” or “cut 2.”

2. Put arrows on your pattern to indicate direction when you attach the parts while sewing. Broken lines can also be used near the edge of the patterns to place pins, while letters can indicate which side or body part should be attached to another body part.

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