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How to make tapa

Learn how to make this classic Filipino viand.
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Filipinos never tire of tapsilog. Plus, by preparing this from your home, you guarantee freshness and top-quality ingredients compared to the store varieties. This viand can come in several ways —as lunch boxes, sandwiches, frozen bulk purchases, etc.—so you have a number of business options.


Materials needed:

Meat pounder, P50

Stainless steel bowl, P150

Plastic container, P50

Frying pan, P200

1 kg. lean beef (beefsteak cut, round, or rump), sliced ¼ inch thick, about P300

Salt, P3

Ground black pepper, P3

Sugar, P10

2 tbsp. finely chopped garlic, P10

½ tsp. msg, P5

2 tbsp. distilled white vinegar, P10

Soy sauce (optional), P10

Vegetable oil, P10


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