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How to make your own car shampoo

Start your own car shampoo business now
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There are no brakes to the jumping number of cars that run in the busy streets of Metro Manila and other major cities everyday. This opens business opportuities to car wash shops that sprout like mushrooms in almost every street corner and still a lot more of them are being put up these days that open business opportunities in car-grooming products. But if you are aspiring to open your own car wash, you would enjoy a great advantage if you produced your own line of car shampoo and other cleaning products.

80g Needle-type coconut fatty alcohol
sulfate (CFAS)
840g De-ionized water or distilled water,
30g Coco diethanolamide (CDEA)
1g Phenoxy ethanol
2g Ethyl alcohol
10g Emulsifi ed carnauba wax
Water-soluble dye
4g Fragrance
20g Industrial salt

Utensils and equipment
Mixing bowl
Plastic ladle
Plastic jigger
Weighing scale
4 pcs. 250 ml-opaque bottles for packaging

This mixture makes four 250-ml bottles or two 500-ml bottles. The shelf-life of this car shampoo is two years.


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