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How to make your own shampoo with conditioner

Tap a huge market by making shampoo
By Entrepreneur Staff |

Shampoo has a huge potential since consumers need it every day for their personal hygiene and it can be sold to hotels or resorts.

There are many types of shampoo for different purposes: herbal, anti-dandruff, for kids, for pets, or for falling hair. But for this project, we will make shampoo with conditioner. This kind of shampoo has made a big impact in the market because of its 2-in-1 approach.

You can start producing it now just by following the steps bellow.

Materials (makes 1 liter):
130 grams surfactant
793 grams de-ionized water
1 grams  FD&C dye as colorant
4 grams  stabilizer
5 grams  PQ-7 as conditioner
1 grams  M-50 as preservative
40 grams  CDA as foam booster
8 grams  PK771 as pearlizer,
1 grams  TDTA as chelating agent
13 grams  SHQ-60 as moisturizer
4 grams  fragrance
5 grams industrial salt

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