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How to open an event planning business

Do you have the qualities to start this type of business?
By Cecilia Gonzalez |

In special events such as weddings or debuts, guests don’t see the hard work behind the glitz, glamour and the festivities.  And rightly so. Guests are not supposed to see the stress-filled preparation behind the momentous occasion. They attend these events to have an enjoyable time, blissfully unaware of what the party throwers had to go through to mount the celebration.

Preparing for such events could be so difficult and stressful that people who host them often hire professional event planners. Those who want to become professional event planners should be prepared for the worst.

Of course, the sense of fulfillment that often results from a job well done compensates for the stress that one experiences while carrying on the job.

Here are five things you need to become an event planner:

1. Determine your market

If you want to become an event planner, first, identify the kind of events you want to organize, says Charmaine Sandoval, general manager of Likha Event and Catering Specialists.


“Determine the kind of events you want to cater to, and then study the market,” she says.

Likha had been operating in the United States for 13 years, launching events for well-known institutions and personalities including former First Lady Barbara Bush, until the global financial crisis struck in 2008.

Business slowed, and the company decided to move to the Philippines where it hoped its business could pick up. However, before starting the business in the Philippines, Likha studied the local market for six months.

“You have to find out the what the market needs,” says Sandoval.

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