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How to prepare fish for bottling or canning

Building your business empire starts here
By L. T. Guilas |

Fish is a nutritious source of protein. It\\\'s tasty, easily digested and particularly good for growing children. Fish products, depending on the methods used in preparing and preserving them, can be comparable to meat and dairy products in nutritional quality. Also, fish meat is generally high in Vitamis A, B and D, and saltwater fish in particular is a good source of iodine.

Another good thing about processed fish products--whether dried, smoked, salted or fermented—is that they are highly suited to local tastes and cuisine. And what\\\'s more, you don\\\'t need a big capital to get you started and begin making money. According to Myra Rose Menor, livelihood trainer at Ultima Entrepinoy Forum Center, you can actually make a 100-percent net profit on your initial investment if your kitchen already has a pressure cooker and the basic food preparation utensils.

Once you\\\'ve prepared the fish as directed below, you can choose between preserving them in corn oil and serving them in tomato sauce.

1 kilo fish in season
7 pieces laurel or bay leaf
70 pieces peppercorn
7 pieces red bell pepper
1 piece carrot, sliced thinly
1 whole pickle

Soaking solution
¼ cup salt
2 cups water

8-oz bottles with brand-new caps
Measuring spoons
Chopping board
Plastic bowl or basin


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