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How to register your trademark in 6 steps

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines tells us how
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Now that your company has finally finished designing its trademark, the next move is to register it to authorities to protect it from misuse.


The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines outlines the steps to registering your company\\\'s trademark:


1. Filing of application


Applications must be filed with the Bureau of Trademarks of the IP Philippines. The duty officer will conduct a formality examination to confirm if the application has the requirements needed for the grant of a filing date:


a. Implicit indication that the registration of a mark is sought;


b. Identity of the applicant;


c. Contact details of the applicant or his representative;


d. Reproduction of the mark whose registration is sought;


e. List of goods or services for which the registration is sought.


Once the filing fee is paid, an application number will be issued.


2. Search


The application undergoes a search process to confirm if it is similar or identical to other existing trademarks.



3. Examination


An examiner will assess if the trademark complies all regulations and rules. If not, the trademark application is rejected.


4. Publication


The approved trademark is then published in the IP Philippines Gazette to give a chance to those who might be damaged by the registration of the mark to oppose the registration.


5. Registration


The office shall be issue a certificate of registration to the company. The certificate will be published in the IP Philippines Gazette and entered on the official records. The certificate is valid for 10 years.


6. Renewal


Your trademark may be renewed for succeeding periods of ten years by filing a request for renewal and paying the required renewal fees.


Take note that your company\\\'s registered trademark may be canceled if it is not used. The agency will require you to file a declaration of use within three years from application date and within one year from the fifth year anniversary from the date of registration.



For more information on registering your trademark in the Philippines, check out the Intellectual Property Center web site at

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