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How to start a Multiply store

Relying on social networks may just be the trick for cash starved startups to get their dream business rolling
By Karmina De Ungria |

The advent of social networking has pushed traditional business maxims on its head. Whereas before, enterprises relied on the physical nature of business to make a sale, social networking sites can now help small companies attract more customers and get a foot in the sales door, often without the luxury of meeting the customer face to face.

[related|post]Online social networking is indeed the newest weapon to get more customers. In the Philippines, evidence of a growing reliance on social networks can be traced to the popularity of sites such as , a portal that emphasizes online data storage rather than a continuous medium for updates. It is precisely because of this that the website has become a virtual shopping mall for small businesses, many of them startups with limited war chests. In fact, has listed some of the top online boutiques in the country, where people can get more bang for their buck.

One of the most arresting features of the site is that the virtual nature of transactions eliminate the often mundane and annoying task of settling paperwork and permits which in itself, as well as eliminate the need for capital intensive physical stores. Setting up an account is easy enough, but just like in mainstream selling, just having a shop doesn\\\'t mean you\\\'re in business.

ADVERTISEMENT - CONTINUE READING BELOW has culled some tips from successful online retailers on how people can optimize their sites and attract more customers.

STEP 1: Pick a name

Unless you’ve never seen a computer your whole life or have never heard of “internet”, it’s not rocket science to open an account in Multiply. The website itself will guide you throughout the whole process. However, if you do open an account for the purpose of selling something, your choice of username counts for a lot, just like it does for a traditional business.

Your username is the first thing is often the first salvo you should focus on, because it gives people an idea of who you are and what you. It will be good to think of something short, sweet, but delivers enough impact to make you memorable enough should a past customer refer you to a friend, as social networks rely on good old word of mouth to gain traction.



ENTREP TIP: Keep your user name memorable, short, and specific. Fancy names can often muddle the perception of the product, and while using your name (or inverting it) may seem like a good idea, use this with caution.

A good example is Carol Guillen and Gena Guillen-Lim’s that features a name that is both direct and unique.

According to them, “Pink closet is an online shop that offers trendy,chic and fab. We offer fashionable clothes from day dresses to night frocks, from casual event dresses to beach night outs dresses. We also post our own fashion styling advices,” they said.

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