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5 Inevitable Struggles Online Businesses Face, And How to Deal With Them

It becomes especially problematic during peak season.
5 Inevitable Struggles Online Businesses Face, And How to Deal With Them

Many businesses are flourishing with the help of online selling platforms on social media. Shopping online has become a habit for many, thanks to the ease of use of selling on various platforms and social media sites with selling features like Facebook Marketplace and Instagram for Business. However, inevitable logistical needs and issues concerning the transfer of products from the seller to the buyer are all but part and parcel of running an online business.

Business owners take advantage of the peak season to reach a bigger market, but along with the high demand for goods come stock and logistics-related issues. Here are unavoidable struggles online businesses encounter, and suggestions on how to manage them:

Maintaining customer loyalty
You may have built up a steady customer base throughout the year, but selling during a peak season is a different playing field. It’s easy to get buried under a pile of deals, special promos, and special offers. Let your brand speak for itself by providing excellent customer service. Make sure all your potential and current customers’ concerns are answered promptly and clearly. Be clear about your returns or exchange policies, and make sure you are easy to contact. Happy customers will gladly promote your products and could potentially get you more buyers. Best of all, you get to keep them as loyal customers.

Managing inventory
Practically everyone is on shopping mode during the holiday season. Take advantage of the fact that most people would want to splurge on gifts for loved ones and even themselves by upping your marketing game and making sure your inventory can take the influx of orders. Experts claim that taking full control of one’s inventory is key to staying competitive. Use careful data to compute how many stocks you’ll need, and have a contingency plan for unsold products or quick restocks.

Providing flexible payment solutions
One of the key factors in retaining and gaining new customers is providing them with a variety of payment options. If you’re asking customers to pay through cash deposit, open accounts in different major banks to make it easier for them to deposit or transfer payment. Look for a courier service like 2GO Express that provides cash on delivery options.

Filling orders on time
Keep up with big brands and competitors by answering queries and filling orders promptly. Ensure your sales and logistics teams are efficient and order your products from suppliers months in advance. The last thing you want is to tell potential customers that their orders won’t be filled by the date they need it.

Delivering products on time
Finding a good courier partner is arguably one of the most important considerations for succeeding in an online business. You’ll need a logistics partner that will get your products from point A to point B even as it helps you and your customers with the acquisition of payment with a variety of payment options. 2GO Express has over 1,200 stores nationwide, which allows prompt and efficient express delivery of products and money remittance services.

2GO caters to over 220 international destinations, which should help you expand your customer base internationally as well.

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This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with 2GO.

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