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Internet causes family tension – study (Infographic)

The battle for children’s attention continues
By Entrepreneur Staff |

A recent study of Kaspersky Lab and iconKids & Youth revealed that the internet is becoming a source of tension in families, particularly those with young parents.


The research, which surveyed 3,700 families across seven countries (USA, France, Spain, Russia, Germany, UK and Italy), showed 64 percent of parents feeling “they are no longer the primary contact point for their children.” Thirty-two percent of that group are parents aged 40 and younger.


While such feeling is natural for parenthood, the study said the internet has made the falling out of relationships between parents and children a bit “earlier” than what most have experienced before.


A fifth of these families believe the internet has become a source of arguments at home, mostly because of shared devices. Problems range from allegedly deleted data by both parties, devices broken by accident and issues on payment for online shopping.


“Parents need to help children carry over to their online lives the behaviors and values they all embrace as a family in the real world,” the study read. “Then they can all reap the benefits of technology together.”





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