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It\\\'s never too early to start a business

Start your business now
By Entrepreneur Staff |

When we were growing up, our parents drilled into us the need to go to college so we could later latch on to a cushy life as an employee and its usual nine-to-five work routine.

Not so long ago, in fact, to think of starting one’s own business was still frowned upon by many people as akin to loafing or wanting to be a bum. Then something happened that changed that picture. Bill Gates, Michael Dell, and other outstanding young innovators in the world started to assert themselves with remarkable success, making entrepreneurship suddenly hip and desirable. That they came up with such bright and astoundingly profitable ideas despite their youth made their example so appealing, thus stoking the ambitions of many young people to find their own untapped gold mine.

College entrepreneurship programs then proliferated in many countries including the Philippines, offering aspiring entrepreneurs formal lessons on how to jumpstart and maintain their own moneymaking ventures. This was followed by a burgeoning how-to industry in the form of instruction manuals penned by serial entrepreneurs and of inspirational books written by a gaggle of flashy dot-com millionaires. The result is that a lot of young people today no longer think it’s impossible to become a successful entrepreneur before they turn 30.

The new breed of entrepreneurs is what Prof. Danilo Antonio, president of the Asian Center for Entrepreneurship Management and a resident professor at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), sees as individuals who set massive goals for themselves and stay committed to achieving them regardless of the obstacles. “They’re creative, innovative and resourceful,” he says, “and they have a passionate desire to do things better and to constantly look for ways to improve their products or services.”

And as always say, it’s never too early to start building and paving your own path to entrepreneurial success.


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