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Keep customers, win brand ambassadors

As most managers and business owners should know, it is costlier to win new customers than to retain existing ones. That is why it is important to turn a business’ personnel as brand ambassadors.
By International Institute of Digital Marketing |
Keep customers, win brand ambassadors

Around 67% of the company’s customers are lost because of little or no contact, indifference, and lack of caring attitude from the company’s sales force or staff. This is according to Lawrence Villegas, director for Digital Customer Relationship Management (CRM) of Arc Worldwide Philippines.

Fifteen percent list product dissatisfaction as the reason why companies lose customers, while 9% write down competition due to true competitive advantage.

“It is three times more expensive to capture a new client than to keep a current one loyal to the brand,” says Villegas during a recent lecture on e-CRM in International Institute of Digital Marketing.

“Customers who have not been ‘touched’ by a brand may behave with little or no loyalty when faced with interesting or different product option, a potentially luring promotion or simply a need to satisfy a desire for change,” says Villegas.

This is where CRM comes in.

CRM is any marketing program by which you communicated directly to your customer as an individual, and they respond to you directly. The purpose of CRM is to isolate your customer/prospect as an individual and build a continuing relationship for your greater profit and their greater benefit.

“The right approach is to target the needs of group of individuals, and not masses of people,” reminds Villegas. “The marketer should focus his efforts where these will produce greater results in terms of profitability--fish where the big fish are.”

Villegas mentions the Pareto Principle: the 80-20 rule. This strategy targets the heavy users that, while constituting only 20% of households, consume 80% of a brand’s volume.

“CRM has the ability to target these heavy users, enhancing loyalty and preference through segmented communications.”

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