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Keep your eyes on the prize

Our expert shares three ideas to help you choose the things that will bring the most value
By Aileen Santos |

Entrepreneurs tend to feel overwhelmed by too much in their to-do lists. The solution is learning to focus on money-making products and actions.

How do you learn to choose the things that bring you the most value, both in terms of money and time abundance? Here are three tools and strategies to help you do just that:

1.    Know that multitasking does not work

Numerous studies have shown multitasking\\\'s negative effects on learning and productivity. In one study, Microsoft research scientist Eric Horvitz found that after being interrupted by a phone call, e-mail, instant message, or even a \\\'quick question\\\' from a colleague, workers took an average of 15 minutes to return to the task they were working on.

So if you only had an hour to finish an important letter and were interrupted (or you checked your e-mail or Facebook, even for “just a minute”) four times, you basically got zero amount of actual effective \\\'letter writing\\\' done. Goodbye one hour!


Focused attention (a.k.a. doing just one thing at any given time until it gets done) always brings better results, minimizes mistakes, and gets the important tasks done faster, freeing up more time for real rest.
As Holistic coach Max Simon puts it, “Just because the whirlwind exists, it doesn\\\'t mean you have to get caught up in it.”

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