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Learning to invest in the stock market

Academe Week starts September 5
By Entrepreneur Staff |

Becoming an entrepreneur these days is no longer limited to having your own store or having your own business.

The stock market is not something new but it is a business opportunity that has long been overlooked by a number of entrepreneurs and even those aspiring to be one. You don’t have to have a company and get into an initial public offering to be part of the stock market, as most of its players are actually not.

To encourage more people into looking at the stock market as an investment opportunity, wherein you can grow your investment portfolio, the Philippine Stock Exchange is kicking off Academe Week from September 5 to 10 this year. The Academe Week is in partnership with its apprentice group PSE Blue Chip Club, Council of Economics Students, Junior Philippine Economics Society, and Bedan Business Spectrum Foundation.

The PSE has drawn over 1,000 participants this year for the Academe Week consisting of students and educators.

The PSE Academe Week is a multi-faceted literacy campaign on stock market investing for the members of the academe community. It is a 6-day activity that strategically organizes and consolidates key academe-based projects of the PSE Market Education Department. It aims to educate high school, college, and post graduate students and educators about stock market investing through various activities that will stir their intellectual and creative abilities; to encourage members of the academe community to be active participants of the Philippine stock and capital markets; and to instill investment culture among the members of the academe community.

For more details, you may visit: or contact Mark Valino at 688-7600 local 7539.


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