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Lessons in second chances from ‘Project Runway All Stars’

Project Runway can share with us a handful of lessons and insights about business. Here are insights about businessmen who take second chances.
By Lindsay Lavine |
Lessons in second chances from ‘Project Runway All Stars’

What happens when you get a second shot at your dream? Those who are taking such a chance should learn from the contestants (fashion designers) of fashion-reality TV show Project Runway: All Stars. Here are some of the lessons they have learned in the pressure cooker of the hit TV show.


       1.      Opportunity isn't always convenient.


In 2012, one of the contestants got the call she'd been cast on 'All-Stars' just before her daughter graduated from high school. She attended the ceremony, threw several skirts she'd designed in a suitcase, and hopped a plane to New York. Another had just gotten engaged when she got the call. While the separation is not ideal, her fiancé, also a business owner, was supportive. The opportunity may come at a time when you have other things going around, but you should stick to your priority list.


2.      Time management skills are crucial.


Since the designers typically only have between four and ten hours to complete a challenge, mastering time management is key. Each season, designers fall into the trap of selecting a design that's too ambitious. Faced with these time constraints, designers learn what they can and can't accomplish.



3.      Despite everything, you have to “make it work.”


Without the luxury of time on their side, the designers often face challenges such as styling mishaps, sewing machine malfunctions, and fabric shortages. Tim Gunn, the Project Runway mentor from the first ten seasons, coined the phrase "make it work." Successful designers and business owners learn to adapt, regardless of what challenges or setbacks they face.


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4.      Be mindful of your image.


How you come across can impact whether people want to work with you. In the premiere episode, Cosmopolitan editor and mentor Joanna Coles told a season eight designer that she was slightly terrified to meet her because of her reputation on the show. In a competitive market, people are watching how you act and will decide whether they want to work with you.


5.      Networking is important.


While it's easy to get immersed in the daily grind of running your business, it's important to get out and network. And don't view others in your industry only as the competition, building strong relationships is an important part of building a successful business.



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