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Location-based ads hit the Philippines

Have you heard about location-based advertising services (LBAS)? It is now possible to send mobile ads to consumers who come near advertisers’ physical stores. Learn more about this amazing technology.
By International Institute of Digital Marketing |
Location-based ads hit the Philippines

Serving ads to a niche market with the right context at the right time and place has always been the Holy Grail of advertising agencies. The search is partly fulfilled when Globe Telecom, through its subsidiary Electronic Gateway Group (EGG), launched the country's first-ever mobile advertising service that allows small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) and established brands to reach their customers based on their real-time location.

Location-Based Advertising Services (LBAS) is a new type of marketing communication that integrates mobile advertising with location-based services. LBAS allow brands to determine potential customers' real-time location based on their mobile phone signal and deliver the most relevant promos to them via an SMS or mobile voucher.

How it works

For instance, someone is in the mall and passes by the vicinity of a coffee shop. If this person is using a mobile app that incorporates LBAS, it becomes possible for an advertiser to know that this person is within the area. The advertiser then sends out a relevant ad (coupon, rebate, promotion, or discount) instantly.

The advantages of LBAS include instant foot traffic since messages can be delivered to people as close as 200 meters from a venue. The service also facilitates exciting redemption of items and discounts from participating stores that offer/provide superior shopping experience to customers.

The possibilities are endless: the location trigger can actually be within competing establishment’s vicinity. The ad can entice the consumer to travel up a bit to get a better offer from the advertiser.

Upholding privacy

Ensuring that the service does not invade privacy of mobile phone owners, only subscribers who are opted-in to LBAS will be reachable. Those who want to avail of the service have the ability to opt-in or opt-out of it through the telco's pre-identified SMS gateway, 2338.

To date, EGG has engaged renowned brands such as Plains & Prints, Marks & Spencer, Uniqlo, and A-Deals, apart from Globe Telecom's own business groups.

LBAS is one of the trends Digital Marketing Philippines had predicted to takeoff this year stemming from global explosion of smartphone use. Whether you’re in retail, services, or food & beverage businesses, LBAS is a marketing strategy you don’t want to miss.

Globe Telecom’s very own Glenn Estrella will be teaching restaurant owners and other hospitality industry professionals how to leverage on LBAS and get customers walking through their doors. Join the 2nd Restaurant Digital Marketing Conference. Register here: or call 927 0096 / 0928 506 5382 for more details.



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