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Make your business cards work for you

Aside from introducing you to people, you can use your business card as a marketing tool.
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Aside from introducing you to people, you can use your business card as a marketing tool. Never underestimate the power of that 2.5” x 3.5” piece of card you carry around in your wallet.  It is one of the most effective marketing tools that an entrepreneur can use.


[related|post]That little space on the business card holds the key information that every prospect needs to know about you or your company. The creative use of that space can make prospects remember you long after you’ve given them your card. How you design your business card determines whether it gets relegated to the dustbin, or is conveniently kept close for easy reference.


The business card is not just a calling card, as people used to call it. As its name suggests, it is a card that immediately tells one the business you’re in. It is a mini-corporate brochure or mini-product brochure that you can carry in your wallet, your purse, your shirt pocket, anywhere, anytime. It can double as a circular, or a wallet-size ad, or a frequent customer discount card.



You can easily distribute it in meetings or conferences and anyone who receives your card can just as easily place it in his pocket, unlike leaflets, flyers or brochures.


Do not forget though that a sleek and good-looking card will not of itself do the trick—it must have the following information:

• The business you’re in

• The services you offer

• Tag line

• Location map of your business

• Photographs of your product offerings


In addition, you may use the back of the card to include more useful information about yourself, your company, or the products and services you offer.

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