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Make your website work

By now, you may have already realized how important having a website is for any business. But how can you make your online site more effective?
By International Institute of Digital Marketing |
Make your website work

In a report by the Jun Group, more brand advertisers are veering away from social and are focusing on owned media instead. Facebook and Youtube promotions are on the decline while brand operated websites are on the rise.

Mitchell Reichgut, CEO of Jun Group, explains that this shift is caused by recent trends in digital marketing. “First, as advertisers spend more on developing brand content and digital experiences, they want to drive audiences directly to those destinations. At the same time, social platforms have made it more complicated for brands to communicate with fans.”

With share of click rising for owned media, let’s refocus on our websites. Are we increasing customer engagement or are we driving them away?

Focus on your website

As startup entrepreneurs, your best digital marketing move would be to invest in a website. Your natural reaction may be, “But I’m a small business and the product isn’t for online marketing.” Let’s go back to 2004 when Tim Knox, founder of Digital Graphiti, validated websites as a business essential. He stated, “If you have a business, you should have a website… even the most negative of futurists agreed that all the signs indicated that a large portion of future business revenue would be derived from online transactions or from offline transactions that were the result of online marketing efforts.”

Although this is from 6 years ago, it still holds true today with the advances of search advertising. Having a website gives you two advantages:

1.    24/7 Customer Accessibility  

2.    Controlled Branding

New customers, when intrigued, could look you up on Google. If they don’t find you, then, those are potential customers lost. If an existing customer looks you up and doesn’t find you, that’s a repeat customer lost.

There’s the old adage that goes: “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” Your website serves as your own platform that allows you to represent your brand the way you want to. Your website is your platform that allows you to communicate your brand the way you want it---from overall feel to creative content, to simply telling your customers why you exist.

What works in websites

Now that you’ve considered working on your website, it’s important to know what makes an online effective. Here are some things to consider:

•    Get some inspiration

In your pre-design phase, start with a list of sites you’d want to emulate. This could range from your competitor’s site to other sites in your field, but don’t limit yourself there. Try to get some ideas from outside your industry!

•    Design according to content

When visitors come in, make them feel at home. Make the overall structure and layout of the site match its content. Navigation is very important for user engagement.

•    On using colors

Make sure that your central color fits the mood and personality of your website. For example, an online site that once highlighted blue might consider using green palettes to suit their more environmental customers.

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