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Mixing and matching your marketing options

Relying solely on above-the-line approaches or below-the-line methods may be ill-advised for startups.
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<>Facebook may be all the rage now, but Gray contends that it may not be the most suitable channel for marketing. Its format “does not allow for easy promotion of products. So in order to maximize Facebook as marketing media, an entrepreneur has to have a simple and free Web site, where more information about the business can be found.” From your Facebook page, you can direct consumers to your official site and then entertain inquiries or manage orders via a mobile phone. You may also want to get a PayPal account or use Smart Cash and G-Cash to handle payments on your site.


No matter the size of your business, marketing “entails innovation, creativity, and imagination,” stresses Gray. Whether you stay above or below the line, or hop from one side to the other, one thing will remain constant: you have to maximize your skills and resources to carve out a place for your business in the market.



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