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The 11 most Instagrammed types of coffee (Infographic)

What's your kind of coffee?
By Geoff Weiss |


If a cup of coffee is brewed in a café and no one is around to Instagram it, did it ever really exist? 


Coffee shots on Instagram have become a staple for aspiring hipsters the world over. But what kinds of cups generate the most social traction? UK coffee vending machine supplier Express Vending has compiled a list of the most popular blends.



While coffee orders have been hashtagged over 10 million times, the trusty latte takes the cake by a landslide with 2.9 million uploads, followed by cappuccino at 1.6 million uploads.


Not a coffee drinker? Unfortunately, when it comes to social media sway, tea tends to be a rather lukewarm proposition, boasting a mere 14.8 million shares compared to coffee’s 39.1 million shares.





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Main photo from Instagram / minidew

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