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Motivating your sales team

Get them stumping for the cause by knowing the different ways you can get them to do more
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For entrepreneur Randy Joson, a hard day\\\'s work involves being up and about for almost 20 hours a day just to keep his business running. He admits that he sometimes feels tired and burned out after a week long slog, but says that it\\\'s all part of trying to set an example for his 30 or so employees.

So imagine the irritation Joson felt when he saw one of his top sales people playing \\\'Solitaire\\\' on her computer one busy afternoon. But since it was the first time he saw it, Joson thought that the long hours justified this activity.

"I thought, she works hard and brings in decent business, so I let it go the first time and didn\\\'t tell her about it. But then, it became a regular thing, and I kept seeing her playing \\\'Solitaire\\\' everyday I would happen to pass by her station. That\\\'s when I decided to confront her. She ended up resigning that day, but I wasn\\\'t really torn up about it, because I was trying to set an example," he said.




One of the major problems growing businesses face is finding the right people for the job. A job in sales, the lifeblood of the company, is often a very tricky position to fill. A company can maximize this resource by coming up and communicating an effective sales plan, motivate employees to reach these goals, and enforce strict rules on office behavior and conduct with clients.

Joson says he does yearly \\\'client calls\\\' with his account managers to see if his employees are meeting the demands of his clientele. On more than a few instances, the clients would often cite shortcomings and inconsistencies with the service the company provides, including shipment delays, and other concerns.

"I often find that our clients are not being cared for properly, even to the point that they are unaware about some of our new products and price points. So, I have started making calls every month just to check on our accounts,and I have installed an \\\'attrition\\\' system, meaning we have performance evaluations every month to keep employees on their toes, especially my sales team," he said.


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