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3 adult playgrounds in Metro Manila ideal for your summer team-building

From mystery rooms to zero-gravity trampolines, these recreational places are sure to thrill your team.
By Elyssa Christine Lopez |


FUN FOR THE WHOLE TEAM. Clockwise from left: Ball pits, trampoline parks, and mystery rooms put a new spin on corporate team-building. 


If the scorching sun and rising temperature were not enough to convince you of summer’s arrival, perhaps the company’s impending out-of-town slash team-building trip will do so.



In a few weeks, beaches will be fully-booked, resorts will be crowded, and company teams will all be crammed in vehicles preparing for a long ride.


But in recent years, adult playgrounds have sprawled across the metro giving stressed-out employees different options for some quick escape within the radar of their homes and offices.


And these facilities are also open for team-building activities, perfect for corporate teams who wish to skip the arduous preparations of out-of-town trips.



Mystery Manila


MYSTERY LOVERS. Team Mystery Manila can create custom mysteries for your company to keep your employees engaged. In this particular activity, employees learn about disaster preparedness while solving a mystery. Photo courtesy of Mystery Manila


Self-confessed fans of thriller movies and novels, Marge Liggayu-Chang and her friends have always been immersed in unlocking mysteries and riddles, at least in the world of fiction. But when they encountered escape room games in Japan, they knew they had to bring it to the Philippines.


Thus, in 2014, Mystery Manila was born, the first of its kind in the metro, and anyone who dares to enter their facilities is bound for a challenge. Participants are under time pressure to solve problems, find clues, and ultimately find an escape from the room.


“Mystery Manila is very unique because the experience is highly immersive and engaging versus other forms of recreation. You get to role-play different characters in various situations. The result is a unique sense of thrill and accomplishment whenever you solve a puzzle,” Liggayu-Chang said in an interview with Entrepreneur Philippines.



Each of the four Mystery Manila branches have special challenges to offer, inspired from TV shows, books, and movies, from Sherlock Holmes to Paranormal Activity.


Some companies have already tapped the expertise of Mystery Manila to develop special mysteries for team-building activities as it encourages teamwork, cooperation, and critical thinking.


Rates differ for each group size. It starts at only P400 ($8.64) per person for groups of five to six; P450 ($9.72) each for a group of four; P500 ($10.80) each for a group of three; and P550 ($11.88) each for two people. Special rates are offered for bigger groups and corporate team-buildings. Visit Mystery Manila website for more information.


Ball Pit Manila


BALLSY PLACE.  Ball Pit Manila is a 20-square meter installation with 80,000 plastic balls inside. Photo courtesy of Ball Pit Manila 


Ever envied kids who jumped around a pool of balls? Ball Pit Manila is the cure for such yearning. Imagine a 20-square meter installation with 80,000 plastic balls inside—a true quick trip to childhood.


Inspired from an art installation in London and New York, the facility offers an hour of play, jumping, photo-taking, and two rounds of drinks.


Ball Pit Manila’s Marketing Manager Tasha Reyes said the facility aims to promote health and play for adults, thus it is exclusive for 16-year-olds and above, and currently does not accept walk-ins to accommodate all reservations.


“Play deepens relationships while establishing team roles and development. We intend to create the perfect environment that will allow you to develop different, fresh, and innovative ideas for tough problems,” Reyes added.


The ball pit can only accommodate 20 people per hour for ample space for play, and anyone who jumps in is required to wear socks for sanitation purposes.



For corporate teams, the facility has prepared games which incite fun and creativity. Packages start at P13,980 ($301.87) for 20 people, and includes a facilitator, a karaoke, a sound system, and two rounds of drinks for each person. Check Ball Pit Manila website for further details.



Trampoline Park - Zero Gravity Zone


BOUNCE FEVER. Housed in an 800-square meter wide warehouse, the Trampoline Park-Zero Gravity Zone has more than 70 trampolines. Photo courtesy of Trampoline Park-Zero Gravity Zone 


One of the newest adult playgrounds in Manila, Trampoline Park-Zero Gravity Zone offers a lot of jumping, with health benefits. According to studies, 20 minutes of jumping on trampolines is equivalent to an hour of jogging.


Housed in an 800-square meter wide warehouse, the trampoline park has more than 70 trampolines, with a basketball ring, volleyball nets, dodge ball courts, and a special area for “trust falls.”


“The playground encourages staying fit, without compromising the fun and safety part of it. We have ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)-approved foams to combat accidents, and trained facilitators to watch all participants,” said Trampoline Park co-founder Shay Yellin in an interview with Entrepreneur Philippines.


The park is open for all ages, but the management requires any participant who enters to answer a special questionnaire for any health issues one may have. Anyone who weighs beyond 250 pounds is also prohibited.



“We require you to use grip socks while inside the facility to avoid slippage and ensure sanitation. A 15-minute video discussing safety precautions is also played beforehand,” Yellin added.


The facility offers special parties and packages for anyone who wishes to celebrate birthdays or hold team-building activities in the area. A special class of Zumba and Parkour are also offered for those who wish to take jumping to the next level.


Rates start at P170 ($3.67) for 30-minutes of jumping on weekdays, and P200 ($4.32) on weekends. Special classes have different rates. Find out more about Trampoline Park - Zero Gravity Zone here.


Elyssa is’s  editorial assistant / staff writer. Follow her on Twitter, @elyssalopz .

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