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On part-time sales reps

Is hiring part-time sales reps a good idea? Yes, and no.
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Hiring part-time sales reps seems like a smart proposition—fewer benefits to pay, and lower overhead and salaries than full-time reps. But can a business really score with part-time reps?
Yes. And it’s a growing trend, according to Kent Billingsley, president of AIM Sales Group, a Coppell, Texas, company that helps entrepreneurs grow quickly and generate more profitable revenue. He offers the following pros, cons, and advice for hiring part-timers.


• Access to great talent at a fraction of the normal rate
• Limited overhead due to reduced costs
• Prospects and sales opportunities won’t wait for a salesperson’s schedule
• It’s difficult to keep part-timers focused, especially if their off time is split up or they have additional jobs
• The team may suffer. Says Billingsley: “A company must consider the impact on the whole team when a member isn’t always available.”


Hiring guidelines:
• Find out what experience the candidate has in working in a “fractional” position.
• Be clear on specific expectations, including number of calls, proposals, meetings, sales targets, quotas, and financial achievements.
• See if the part-timer will be available to answer questions on days off.


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