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Overcoming hurdles to expansion: Entrepreneur finds way to pursue growth

Be inspired by this couple who successfully overcame major setbacks as their business took the path to expansion. Find out how they made it possible to succeed.
By James Humarang |

antipolo_1.JPGEntrepreneur Ladie Muyrong could not help but be teary eyed whenever she talks about how difficult it was for her and husband Efren to start their business in 2008. Like many successful and growing businesses today, the couple literally started from scratch.

They were forced to convert their 60-square-meter house in Antipolo City into a small processing facility, where they were preparing the halo-halo condiments that they supply to fast food retail chains in Metro Manila. The family had to rent a nearby apartment, where they could dwell.

“My husband resigned from his work (in a warehousing company) so we can go full time on the business together,” recalled Ladie. “It was not easy for us because we literally did every task. We prepared the ingredients, cooked, and did the necessary packaging. Efren even used our family car to deliver the goods to our clients.”

The Muyrongs were working for almost 24 hours each day just so they could deliver their clients’ orders. During their free time in the morning, one of them also had to accompany their children to school.

Promising business

antipolo_3.JPGAfter some time, the business grew steadily. Demand eventually increased. That was when they started hiring about four to six helpers each day to make sure they could produce the orders on time and without sacrificing quality.

As their business grew, most of their neighbors started complaining about how the business operations were affecting them. The Muyrongs decided that it was time to relocate the plant to another site where they could also expand the working area. That was the time they approached BDO for financial assistance.

Moving forward despite the odds

“BDO truly understood our situation. Their employees knew how to help us. The processing time was fast. On our part, we always make sure we don’t make delays on our payment obligations,” she revealed.

antipolo_2.JPGNow, the business--E&L Delicatessen--has its own facility in Barangay San Isidro with sophisticated equipment for making sweets and toppings for halo-halo and other refreshments. It currently supplies halo-halo ingredients to Tropical Hut and Goodah. It also delivers nata strips, read beans, coffee jelly, and halo-halo ingredients in sachets to convenience store chain Ministop.

The business remains robust. It now has 18 employees. As for the 46-year-old Ladie and the 43-year-old Efren, life goes on. Their four children are also growing fast (the eldest in college, two are in high school, and the youngest in Grade 2).

For the couple, it could have been more difficult if they have not been supporting each other’s decisions. “When it comes to business, I am usually more aggressive, while Efren is more practical. But we surely complement each other,” Ladie disclosed. The Muyrongs are also thankful to BDO for providing a practical financing option at a time when they needed it the most.


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