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Overwhelmed with work?

Learn 5 simple strategies other entrepreneurs have used to achieve work-life balance.
By Aileen Santos |

I received one letter from someone who calls himself or herself “Working From Home”, which I think many entrepreneurs can relate to. The letter-sender laments, “I have visited websites, attended the workshops, bought the magazines, and read the books. But now that I know how to launch my business, I have such a huge checklist of ‘things to do’ and I can\\\'t do it all! How can I increase both time and money abundance in my life, and still have time for my real passion - my family?”

Are you nodding your head in agreement? If it makes you feel better, realize that you are not alone. When I started my consulting business, one thing I realized about “being your own boss” was this: "When you work your own hours, you often end up working ALL hours."

The great news is that hundreds of other entrepreneurs have discovered solutions that really work, and they may work for you too. Here are five of the best that I\\\'ve found:


1. Focus on your money makers

Develop the skill of choosing and focusing on actions and products that bring in the most money. When you make these your priority, even if you accomplish only three things in your business for that day, you would have done the three things that would bring you closer to success.

Even when starting out, remember that your end goal is to work on your business, not in it.

2. Balance between customer creation and customer service

Customers are the life blood of any business, and they go through a specific cycle when interacting with you and your company.

Find out at which stage in the cycle you function best (is it in attracting new clients with marketing, or in keeping them happy with personalized follow-up service?), and focus on your strengths while automating or delegating the other tasks.

For example, if you know you get stressed when you answer questions from your product’s users throughout the day, hire someone with a helpful and cheerful attitude and train them to do it. Your customers will love your company more for it... and you spend less time being stressed.


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