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Pick Somebody's Brain

60+ answers to aspiring entrepreneurs\\\' favorite question, \\\"What business can I go into?\\\"
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How many times have you thought of an idea that could have been your ticket to entrepreneurial success, but you simply let it go because you weren't sure it would fly? Or, have you always wanted to open shop but hesitated each time you had the chance, because you thought your idea was merely a fad? When you believed you finally had that one big business idea, did you let that little voice of doubt hold you back?

Let Entrepreneur Philippines help you hatch your germinal ideas so that your business could take off, with the Smart Business Ideas: Turn Your Bright Ideas into Big Profits bookazine.

If you always thought your business ideas were on the wild side, you would be glad to find out that most of the stories of the more than 60 business ventured featured on this book were initially considered unfeasible; yet, the entrepreneurs behind these ventures proved their ideas could be transformed into profitable realities. Learn from their experience, and pick up tips and practical advice on converting an initial vision into a viable, thriving business.


Entrepreneur's Special Edition Smart Business Ideas is now available in major bookstores and newsstands.  

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