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Powering creative ideas based on data

Use available data to bolster your business. Here are ways to avoid being a ’digital disruption.’
By International Institute of Digital Marketing |
Powering creative ideas based on data

Answer the following with true or false.  You will find out the correct answers as you read along:

•    40 % of the world’s population are using the Internet;
•    PC’s and laptops and smartphones are tops 1 and 2 (respectively) as most popular devices used to search the Internet;
•    Smart TV is the top 1 emerging device used to search the Internet;
•    Direct channel is the top global online marketing channel;
•    Social media content is the primary marketing tactic used;
•    Email marketing is the top rated digital channel for 2015 to improve communications and loyalty;

And the answer is true for all.  If your score is perfect, then be proud.  You know your data well.  The next question however is, “Now, what?”

Information is just information until it is applied to good use. Digital marketers know how to take advantage of statistics for their continued and effective visibility online.  Much of the creative digital strategies and solutions are founded upon these data.  You must note however that the power of these data depends on the creative power of the digital marketer.

In the theatre arts, your data is your script, the spine of your play.  The digital marketer is the director, and the products and services, the actor.  Your play is your digital strategy–and yes, it must show a story.

Now, how can you make good use of these data?  How can you avoid becoming a digital disruption?

Build your character and identify your role. 


One of the techniques in developing a good play is through the deep understanding of the characters and the role they play. Your services exist to solve problems and your consumers (your audience) are always looking for solutions.  Ask yourself what solutions you offer to your market.

Target audience who relate to your character. 

Identify the audience who can respond to your character.  Now that you have built the character of your product, let them see it as their protagonist, their superhero.

Connect and tell a story.

Tell the audience the story.  Make them a part of it.  Make the digital marketing plot exciting for them so they are hooked until the curtain call.

Tell a story through the numbers. Learn how to create innovative digital solutions based on data. Take the Digital Marketing Analytics Specialist Track of the Certified Digital Marketer Program. To join, register at



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