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Promote your business on the cheap

5 penny-pinching marketing strategies to try
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<>COST: The cost of bundling is shouldered by the premium item, as well as additional expenses for the labor cost for packing.


4. "Postering"


Choose high traffic areas or locations where the target market spends a considerable amount of idle time-- such as in salons, spas, gyms or car wash outlets--to place your posters in. Ask friends who have businesses such as the above to place your posters in conspicuous areas.


COST: An 8- by 12-inch full color poster costs about P120.


5. Viral advertising


Make full use of your accounts in social networking sites such as Facebook, Multiply and Friendster to promote your business. As long as you do it tastefully, your "friends" and followers won\\\'t mind.


COST: No cost at all!


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