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Registering a partnership

Procedures on how to register a business partnership.
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Now that you\\\'ve gotten funding for your great business idea, the next step is to deal with the legal papers. Are you launching a business by yourself or with partners? Sometimes its easier to let a business grow when you can leverage not only your contacts and resources but your partners as well.


Below are the basic requirements for Business Partnership registration:

Government agency – Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Basic Requirements

  • Name Verification Slip
  • Articles of Partnership
  • Affidavit of a partner undertaking to change partnership name (not required if Articles of Partnership has provision on this commitment)

 Additional requirements

  • Endorsement/clearance from other government agencies, if applicable 
  • For partnership with  foreign partner
  • SEC Form No. F-105
  • Bank certificate on the capital contribution of the partners
  • For foreign partners who want  to register their investments with the BSP:  Proof of  remittance


 If it is a limited partnership, the word “Limited” or “Ltd” should be added to the partnership name.  Articles of Partnership of limited partnerships should be under oath only (Jurat) and not acknowledged before a notary public.


To download the complete steps to the SEC registration process, click here.

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