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Running a business in heels: 10 tips to achieve work-life balance (Part II)

Here are tips to get that much-desired work-life balance.
By KC Calpo |

Times are hard; we all know it. The phrase “working hard for the money” has never been more apt, and many are resorting to higher-paying but more demanding full-time jobs, putting up their own businesses (home-based or using a rented office space), or sidelining on the weekends to improve or maintain their standards of living. But along the way, because of that strong drive to make more money, most also end up losing precious time for themselves (or willingly forego it).

[related|post]And it can be a lot tougher for working parents (particularly moms) and designated family breadwinners: aside from excelling at work, they have to figure out how to get more time with their loved ones and leave something for themselves, too. It\\\'s true that both genders feel the need to achieve work-life balance and that women have made considerable headway in many professional fields throughout the decades, but in some cases, gender-based stereotypes still prevail, and female workers and entrepreneurs feel extra pressure to establish themselves and have both a private life and a career. For these hardworking ladies, this is part 2 of our tips to get that much-desired work-life balance.



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Use your breaks well.

A great way to destress during a very hectic workday is to make the most out of your breaks! Integrate personal interests and leisure activities into your routine. Your morning, lunch and/or afternoon breaks can be spent getting a relaxing massage, reading a book, hitting the gym, visiting a driving range, making short phone calls to your spouse and kids, or grabbing a quick meal at a nearby restaurant with friends living or working in the same area.

Loosen up!

Many employees, executives and business owners put unnecessary pressure on themselves. They can\\\'t help it; they have to meet (or even surpass) expectations, and especially for entrepreneurs, every action and decision counts. But this pressure will consequently lead to additional working hours, harder-to-reach aspirations, and negative effects on overall health and well-being! It doesn\\\'t mean you\\\'re selling yourself short. It\\\'s important to be realistic about the job/business, your tasks and your short- and long-term goals. Push yourself too hard, and it\\\'s bye-bye job or business!


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