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Should you hire a newbie?

Be guided by your particular needs when hiring personnel for your business
By Mari-An Santos |

Human resource is a very important aspect of any business. Whether your business is  mediated by technology or involves face-to-face transactions with clients and suppliers, there is a need for competent staff as they represent you.

If it\\\'s a choice between taking on greenhorns or experienced personnel, which is more cost effective?

According to Ruben Anlacan Jr., president of BusinessCoach Inc. , a company that conducts business seminars for small and medium scale entrepreneurs, "the immediate advantage of hiring newbies to the position is the lesser compensation you have to pay--but you have to train them first. On the other hand, a veteran will be more productive immediately, but will require a higher salary."

Of course, there are many factors you must consider when choosing between hiring new blood or going for the trained.  Anlacan, who has also had extensive experience in running a small chain of drugstores, a printing and publishing company, hardware, and other small businesses says, "having experienced hiring both kinds of employees in several different industries, I now know better how to resolve this matter."



The Pros of hiring a newbie or fresh grad:

  • Less expensive, willing to take an entry-level salary
  • More willing to learn; more motivated and excited with their career path
  • Easier to manage (if new graduate)
  • Has more physical stamina
  • Willing to take new responsibility


The Cons of hiring a newbie or fresh grad:

  • No track record
  • May not be trainable (for example, he may not yield sales after so many months)
  • High cost of training
  • Must be supervised
  • Substandard performance may result in committing errors during on-the-job training


The pros of hiring a veteran or experienced worker:

  • Skilled, already knows what he or she is doing; high degree of competence
  • May commit less or no mistakes (compared to a newbie)
  • Can contribute ideas to your company, based on past experiences
  • You can check their history (with proven track record)
  • Can perform duties as soon as possible
  • Can work with minimum or no supervision

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