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Earn extra cash while building your business

You do not need to rely on your profits alone to earn money.
By Erin Schultz |



It can be pretty scary to leave that reliable paycheck behind when you are venturing out on your own to start a new business. But you do not have to take that sort of plunge—you can get your feet wet by getting your side hustle on.


In this video, Entrepreneur Network partners Jen Hacker and Britteny Castro outline some ways you can bring in extra income while you are building your business. There are lots of options for part-time work—from tutoring to driving for Uber to food delivery to simply networking with friends to see if they know of jobs that fit your skill set.


"The trick that I used is that I actually started dog sitting," Hacker said. "Because it was something I could do from home where I was doing my work."




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