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Simple steps to finding a business mentor

A Q&A with serial entrepreneur Lex Ledesma on the importance of having a guide help you navigate entrepreneurship
By Peter M. Imbong |

While some entrepreneurs have had the privilege of earning a business degree in college, or even an MBA, more people have gone through the business course of life and learned the entrepreneurial ropes the hard way: with bad decisions and expensive consequences.

Having a business mentor to guide you throughout the whole process is not only helpful, but also an opportunity to learn from someone who has done it before.

A serial entrepreneur, Lex Ledesma is co-founder and Executive Director of The One School, a personalized college that teaches Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Graphic Design, and Film.

Among his many business ventures are Whistlestop Restaurant in Makati and Nami Resort in Boracay. He  has a Master’s degree from Stanford University.

A business mentor to many aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, Ledesma sat down with Entrepreneur Philippines  for a brief chat on finding a business mentor.


 Entrepreneur: As the Executive Director of The One School, you’ve been mentoring would-be and existing entrepreneurs for at least three years. For your students, what are their most common concerns with regard to starting their own business?


 LL: Most people start off a bit confused as to who they are and  what they want to do. I usually suggest starting with figuring out who you are. Business is just one facet of life so when things aren\\\'t functioning in other parts of a person\\\'s life, chances are a business venture also won\\\'t succeed.

E: What’s the first step then?

 LL: I suggest figuring out first what makes you happy and sorting out any personal issues one may have. It\\\'s kind of hard to be confident in your enterprise when you aren’t even confident in yourself. Once a person is complete he or she should either look at irritants to fix or find a passion that is worth creating a business around. What drives people to start businesses is always different.

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