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Simple steps to finding a business mentor

A Q&A with serial entrepreneur Lex Ledesma on the importance of having a guide help you navigate entrepreneurship
By Peter M. Imbong |

E: What advice do you give them?


LL: It really depends on the person. Normally I try to test if the person really is interested in the business and is willing to endure the difficulties and pain that are inevitable in the entrepreneurship process. Once they are committed then I challenge their initial opinions and provide constant feedback every step of the way.

E: What about existing entrepreneurs? What are their most common concerns?


LL: Almost all existing entrepreneurs have exactly the same problem. I know this sounds strange but it is true. It doesn\\\'t matter if they are building rockets or washing cars, their problems are always related to people not getting along. The human factor is just as strong in tech businesses as in service industries.

E: And what advice do you give them?


LL: My advice is to create a corporate culture where people are encouraged to think and be independent as opposed to dictating their every move. I tell them to be firm but fair and act quickly when the decision has been made to remove someone from their organizations. And most importantly, I encourage them to use the golden rule at all times and treat people the same way they want to be treated.



 E: Many entrepreneurs have not had any business or entrepreneurial-oriented training but do seek it. What are the things they can do to find a business mentor like yourself?


LL: Business mentors are anyone, even the people they least expect it. One of my most influential mentors was my yaya (house helper) who passed away many years back. Just find someone, anyone, you want to be like and that is your mentor. You need not look so far.


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