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Simple steps to finding a business mentor

A Q&A with serial entrepreneur Lex Ledesma on the importance of having a guide help you navigate entrepreneurship
By Peter M. Imbong |

E: Is it as easy as simply approaching a business professor or a successful entrepreneur and asking him to guide you?


LL: I believe that if you never ask you will never get anything. The worse that can happen is that your prospective mentor will turn you down. I think that most people will be pleasantly surprised as to how generous successful people are with their time and knowledge. Most of them got to where they are precisely because of these attributes.


E: Who are some of your mentors?


LL: My parents. My dad was and is a disciplinarian and I got my work ethic and single-mindedness from him. Meanwhile, my mom encouraged me to believe in myself and dream. That’s something that all entrepreneurs—actually, people in general—should do more of.

There’s Andy Ferreria, my business partner at The One School. He is a fountain of entrepreneurial (and life) knowledge because he is the guide to so many people who want to grow their enterprises. And then there’s Francisco J. Colayco who’s also a business partner at the school. He is proof that the ones who truly know are the ones who ask all the questions.


E: What traits should one look for in a business mentor?


LL: You should pick someone who has done what you want to do in the way that you feel is worth emulating.


E: How important is having a business mentor?


LL: For me it is golden because whenever I experience problems these people have already successfully navigated the same murky waters. I look to them so I learn from their mistakes rather then making the same mistakes myself.


E: As a business mentor yourself, what’s the best advice you can give to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs?


LL: I love the slogan, "Impossible is nothing." Don\\\'t believe people who put you down. If you have an idea start it now. You either have results or reasons. Now which would you rather have?

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