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Spilled your beer on your laptop or phone?

These tips can help.
By Entrepreneur US Staff |

wet laptop


Spills happen—and usually when we least expect them. If you find yourself mopping merlot off your client's sleeve, fear not. A little know-how can fix both the spill and that client meeting.




“It’s the dissolved solids that remain that do the damage, and beer and wine have lots of them,” said Joseph Kouyoumjian, president of MicroReplay, which restores liquid-damaged electronics. When that IPA spills, turn your laptop off and upside down, and remove the battery.



If you cannot get to a repair shop, wait 24 hours (rice might speed up drying, but it would not mitigate damage). If it restarts, even once, quickly back up your data first. “It could run for two years or two minutes,” he said. “So be ready.”



Mobile device

Phones and tablets are more tolerant of spills, and your data is likely backed up in the cloud or on your SIM card. Power down the device, pop the SIM tray and dry the card and inside the slot, Kouyoumjian says.




According to the American Chemical Society, red wine gets its color from anthocyanins, which are great for heart health—but not for cashmere. If you are the victim of a red wine spill, order a very dry vodka martini. Higher-proof alcohol will dissolve the wine stain and dry faster than water alone.


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