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Stop making excuses about not having enough capital

Bookazine reveals effective ways to raise capital for your business
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<>It may be true that money begets money, but what if you don't have it to begin with? Can you start and sustain a business with absolutely no capital?

Although it is possible to start a venture with as low as P1,000 in initial funds (see related story here ), sometimes your great business idea will need a bit more (or a lot more!) for it to be launched as a business. And, even when your business is already running, there are cases when you need to supplement it with more funds to support its operations or grow the company.

Finding funding for your enterprise doesn't have to be such a big obstacle. Entrepreneur Philippines magazine launches the special edition bookazine HOW TO FINANCE YOUR BUSINESS: Effective ways to raise capital for every entrepreneur.

With this book, you can find out the HOW, WHERE, and WHEN of:

  • Getting investors for your start-up business
  • Finding funding from a venture capital firm
  • Acquiring a loan from a bank, NGO or cooperative
  • Applying for grants and loans from different government agencies
Full of definitions of terms, at-a-glance summaries, how-they-did-it stories, where-to-go sections, step-by-step procedures, tips, samples, and a directory of financing institutions and loan programs, this book is all you need to discover all the available financial options best suited for your business.

Mabel David-Pilar, HOW TO FINANCE YOUR BUSINESS book editor, says in her editor's note: "When it comes to financing, experts will tell you that there is actually no shortage of it. You just have to know where to look."

Now you can stop making excuses and start making your dream business a reality.

HOW TO FINANCE YOUR BUSINESS is now available wherever Summit Media magazines and books are sold.

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