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Suited for the job

Employee-hiring techniques you can use to find the employee that\\\'s a perfect fit for your business.
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Whether you assign them at the production end or at the point-of-sale, employees make or break a business. This is why human resource managers, especially of large companies, very meticulously examine the particular skills, personality and attitude of would-be employees before hiring them.

For instance, Rosalinda Ferrer, who is in charge of screening the applicants for the fast-rising drugstore chain Generika looks for one specific trait in an applicant, and that is patience.

This, she says, is a must for employees of retail companies because they touch base with different types of customers who have many different types of personalities. Some buyers, Ferrer narrates, would require more attention and explanation on the products, while others would insist on what they want even if better alternatives are available.

“So, above all their characteristics, we test the applicants’ patience. We give them specific scenarios wherein they would have to deal with the most difficult customers and see how they would conduct themselves in those kinds of situation. We don’t just rely on referrals,” Ferrer explains.


She goes on to say that no matter how good your products are, the experience of the customers with your employees is still a key determining factor on whether the buyers would return or not.


Simple guidelines to hire the best employees

Perhaps your venture does not have a highly developed human resource department yet, but you want to get the best new people you can possibly have onboard. Or, you simply want to check if your HRD’s strategies are on track. In either cases, heed these tips from an acknowledged expert, Ms. Grace Zata, who is the president of the People Management Association of the Philippines (formerly the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines):

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