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The 10 most visited countries in the world

Here are some more places to add to your travel bucketlist.
By Jennifer Polland |

We all know that Paris is a perennially popular tourist destination, but new data confirm that the city, is, in fact one of the most-visited travel destinations in the world. 


The World Tourism Organization came out with data on the most visited tourism destinations in the world in 2013, and France took the top spot.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, France was the most-visited country in 2013 with 84.7 million visitors. The U.S. came right behind with 69.8 million visitors, and Spain was third with 60.7 million visitors.



#10 Thailand: 26.5 million visitors14434837865_4625b069d0_c.jpg Image credit: Uwe Shwarzbach|Flickr



#9 Russia: 28.4 million visitors1408464838_10_most_visited_countries_in_world_russia.jpg Image credit: kycheng | Flickr


#8 United Kingdom: 31.2 million visitors1408464838_10_most_visited_countries_in_world_united_kingdom.jpg

 Image credit: Alison Christine | Flickr



#7 Germany: 31.5 million visitors germany.jpg

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons


#6 Turkey: 37.8 million visitors1408464996_10_most_visited_countries_in_world_turkey.jpg

Image credit: SteFou! | Flickr


#5 Italy: 47.7 million visitors


Image credit: Mathias Liebing | Flickr


#4 China: 55.7 million visitors


Image credit: Wikimedia Commons 


#3 Spain: 60.7 million visitors


Image credit:Wikimedia Commons


#2 United States: 69.8 million visitors


Image credit: Wikimedia Commons


#1 France: 84.7 million visitors paris.jpg

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons



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