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The 10 types of superheroes in every office: Which one are you? (Infographic)

Can you recognize any of your co-workers among these 10 superheroes?
By Laura Entis |


We’re all familiar with them: those men and women at the office who possess seemingly Herculean abilities to get the job done, no matter the setbacks. While their unique powers vary—some can work productively for hours on end, while others possess an uncanny ability to interpret the emotions of others—in their own way, they elevate the work of everyone around them.



While these workplace superheroes rarely draw attention to themselves—they’re too busy being productive—it’s important to thank them for their contributions to the company.


With that in mind, check out the below infographic courtesy of Weekdone, a collaboration software company, to see if you recognize any of your co-workers among the 10 superheroes. Who knows, you may even recognize yourself! (And if so, fight your urge to keep working and take the time to pat yourself on the back.)


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