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The 3 roles of a smart leader

Leaders know how to transform a business and inspire the people who work for them
By Andrea Goseco |

Oftentimes, would-be entrepreneurs have great ideas for potential businesses but become paralyzed and easily discouraged when it comes to actual planning and implementation. asked U.S. certified life coach Andrea Goseco for tips on how entrepreneurs can overcome mental roadblocks commonly associated with launching and maintaining a business.


Q:  How do I become a good leader?

We have experienced good leaders and know how they can transform a business and inspire the people who work for them.  Steve Jobs who was the co-founder of Apple was able to change the way we do things by creating innovative products that made life easier.  Walt Disney who was co-founder of Walt Disney Productions was known in creating animation and theme parks.  In the Philippines, an example of a good leader is Jollibee\\\'s Tony Tan Caktiong who was able to make Jollibee a household name in the fast food industry.


What makes Tony Tan Caktiong, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs and other famous people great leaders? It’s not easy to be one with the fast-paced speed of the businesses now.  Here are the habits we can learn from these great leaders:


1.     Focus on your core business.  

The key is to know your core competence and to focus your efforts on building on these products.  Tony Tan Caktiong focused on Jollibee as the core of his fast food business.  Whenever he creates new products in the menu, it fits to the taste of the Filipino consumer.  He was able to expand his stores outside Metro Manila to other countries abroad.  Think of how you can make your core business stronger. Do you need to add new variants to the existing product?  Is it time for you to expand?  How do you encourage repeat purchase with your products?

2.    Lead with passion.

You need to know what you love about your business.  Focus on your passion and use it to excel in whatever you do.  If you have this mindset, you will constantly think of ways to make the business better.  It will make you more innovative and creative in finding solutions that will make your business successful.  Steve Jobs didn’t stop with just creating the personal computer when he started Apple.  According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Steve Jobs, “drove his company relentlessly to make products that consumers lusted for.”  He was always thinking of ways to improve his products and exceed the expectations of his customers.



3.    Learn from your experiences.


It is important to reflect on your experiences to be able to learn from them.  Learning is a life-long process.  There is so much that we can also learn from people, books and other sources of information.  You can get the best out of every situation when you are able to pick up something new from it.  Find time to reflect about what you learned at the end of a week.  You can easily forget what you learned if you don’t write it down.  You can use this wealth of information when you come across a similar experience in the future.


Think of how you can also be a good leader in your own business.  Is there something you need to change in the way you do your business?  Find ways on how you can constantly improve.  When you move forward, the only way to go is up.



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Andrea Goseco is U.S. trained life and executive coach. You may reach her at and through her web site Have a question for Coach Andrea? To email us your question for this section click here.

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