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The \\\'Buena Mano\\\' concept

Filipinos believe the first sale of the day brings good luck
By Reeza Singson |

Buena mano is a Spanish phrase that literally means “good hand.” In Philippine business practice, buena mano means the first sale of the day, which is believed to bring good luck to the business for the rest of the day. The meaning of the phrase is flexible, however; it can refer either to the transaction itself or to the first paying customer of the day.

One of the quaint rituals Filipinos perform in homage to this belief is patting goods with the money they received from the first sale of the day. It is believed that the ritual will make for better sales.

Whatever its true origins, buena mano is something many Filipinos take very seriously. This is why local customers always make it a point to ask for a discount if they think that theirs is the first transaction of the day. Filipinos expect that if they are the buena mano, their requests will most likely be granted. Only in the Philippines!


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