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The 5 richest women in tech

Here are five women who made it big in the male-dominated technology industry.
By Kate Taylor |

Call them the $5 billion five.


The Singapore-based research firm Wealth-X recently announced its list of the five wealthiest women in the technology sector. From Meg Whitman to Marissa Mayer, these women have made millions as CEOs and shareholders of some of the world's largest tech companies. Together, their net worth is estimated at nearly $5 billion.


Leading the pack is Whitman, who has accumulated a $1.3 billion fortune in the tech industry. Whitman currently serves as CEO of Hewlett-Packard, but most of her money is derived from profits from selling her shares in eBay, a company she led from 1998 to 2008.


While Whitman is leading the pack, there are some serious contenders not far behind, including Sheryl Sandberg and Lucy Peng. Keep scrolling to find out their estimated net worth, plus more on the top five richest women in technology. 


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1. Meg Whitman



Image credit: Flickr (Commonwealth Club )

Net worth: $1.3 billion

Company: Hewlett-Packard


2. Sheryl Sandberg



Image credit: Flickr (JD Lasica)

Net worth: $1.22 billion

Company: Facebook


3. Lucy Peng


 (No Image Available)


Net worth: $1.2 billion

Company: Alibaba


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4. Cher Wang


Net worth: $890 million

Company: HTC


5. Marissa Mayer



Image credit  Flickr (Giorgio Montersino)

Net worth: $410 million

Company: Yahoo


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