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The appeal of mobile apps to businesses

Should your business invest in the development and roll out of its own mobile app? Get to know some insights from the experts about why mobile apps have become promising business and marketing tools.
By International Institute of Digital Marketing |
The appeal of mobile apps to businesses

Mobile apps are cool, nifty, chic, and functional but may be quite expensive to develop for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Gurus in International Institute of Digital Marketer’s Mobile Marketing Academy (MMA) constantly remind their students that if a responsive, rich-media mobile website can do the job, choose the online site. However, there are just mobile application functions and business possibilities that can only be done by apps.

In his blog, Randomtype, web and mobile app developer, Kevin Dubienski narrates how apps are changing how he works: “Over the past few years my phone has transitioned from an overpowered toy into a hyper-productive business tool. I track time through apps, I share work docs through apps, I project-manage through apps, I access CRM (Customer Relations Management) through apps, and I make a good chunk of living by making apps.”

MMA defines apps as downloadable or pre-installed software designed to run in handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets, and the like. The keyword is software and there lies the infinite possibilities.

Mobile apps can do the job of a specific utility or fulfill certain user interest functions like the software in your desktop.

MMA categorizes at least nine types of apps according to function. Those are: utility (like Evernote), location-based guide (like Google Maps), social (like Facebook), multi-media tools (like Instagram), proprietary solution (like Netsuite), branding solutions (like Nike+ Running App), gaming from puzzles (like Candy Crush) to role-playing (like Disney’s Brave), education (like TED), and finally, content (like CNN or NBA app).

In his column in the, technology futurist Daniel Burrus predicts that mobile apps designed by businesses for internal use and competitive advantage will explode over the next two years.

“All business leaders need to ask themselves: ‘Two years from now, do I want to be one of the companies that is not developing mobile apps to transform business processes?’ Once you see the hard trends driving this software revolution, it would be hard to answer ‘no.’”

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