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The benefits of having friends in the office (Infographic)

Discover interesting facts about having friends in the workplace.
By Nina Zipkin |


When we spend the majority of our lives at work (47 hours a week, on average), it stands to reason that we should enjoy ourselves while we're there.


Managers would do well to encourage their employees to bond, but a recent LinkedIn study found that each generation places a different amount of importance on workplace relationships. Fifty-three percent of millennial workers are more likely to share information about their personal lives in the office, while only 23% of baby boomers do the same.



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This infographic by employee-survey platform Officevibe, embedded below, includes more interesting factoids about the importance of office friendships. For instance, 70% of employees think that having office friends is the "most crucial" aspect of having a fulfilling work life, and half of employees with a best work friend said they felt a "strong connection" with their company.  Moreover, 74% of women and 58% of men said that camaraderie was so important that they would pass up a higher salary "if it meant not getting along" with their colleagues.


For more on how friendship in the workplace increases efficiency, quality and overall morale, check out the infographic below.




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